Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Im So F***ing Pissed Man!

Lately I Have Been Receiving Some Blog Links Saying I'm A Cheater T_T . One Thing To Those B!tches Who Said That , I DON'T CHEAT! (IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH) Can't You Low Life People Who Say I'm Cheating Get A Life??? Have You Ever Heard That What Comes Around Comes Back Around.. That Means U Say Someone Cheating Someone Eles Will Come Do It To YOU! And It Will Hurt You Dearly! I Have Got Mails From People Saying Sorry If Your One Of Those People I Advice You To  1. Say Sorry. 2.Delete Your Post 3.GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE I WILL NEVER ADD U.  Thanks For Reading. .Rhys. Aka Leo

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