Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Thanks Haters Gonna Hate!

First Of All Thanks For Letting Me Become A Level 18 On The Same Day Alice Leveed 21 :) I Love Yuh All (Mostly Alice) I Spent 3Months On Here. Wooow . Well Yuh Can See DESTINY1o1 Is Being Jealous Of My Level And Getting Involved  In Me And Allie Bussiness! Its OVER And Nothing U Can Do! And Ur Sayin Im A Cheater Well Think Twice , To Let U Kno Mod5 Sed Im Not Cheater If U Wont Proff Look On My Walll Down Down Down Lol :) Once Again THANKS EVERYONE Hater's I Love Yuh MORE :)


  1. Ok dude I don't even know you and i'm not even going to go with judgments about you. But the way you behave, and type clearly proves you're gay. Only a gay boy has the time to write about every single message on his blog. Destiny1o1 isn't jealous of your gay level. Why would people be jealous of a guy that's insecure? So don't go around calling others jealous when you hardly even know what it means.

  2. Ok .rhys. i have 2 words to say actually 3 words you do cheat simple u cheated on ma bff onedirectiongirl59 she is sweet and used her plus u begged for vip of HER! so i want to call u a beggar