Friday, 22 June 2012

Deleting Friends

Hello Guys :)

I Just Wanted To Say Something about Me Deleting some friends.
Im Going To Delete Minimum Of 200 Friends because I Dont Earn Any fame and I Waste  Space With Lazy friends who dont watch my movies. When others wanna be my friend and watch my movies.
You guys might think its un-fair but i think its fair because i really need fame and
"Friends in NEED Is A Friend INDEED" So I Would Like You To Know My Special Deal ..

Watch 25 Of My Shorties For 250 StarCoins And Get Yur Whole Wishy (Maximum 6 Gifts)
Or 10 For 100StarCoins And 2 WishyGifts
If I Was Yuh I Would Watch And Gain 3 Things StarCoins,Gift,Not Getting Deleted .

Thanks For Support
Leoo (.Rhys. On Moviestarplanet)


  1. Whats the point in having "friends" then? Its realy stupid how people add randomers just to use them like that. Its not just you, theres loadsa other pplz who do it too. You shud be friends to chat, have a laugh and friendly! Adding people and making them do that is basicly and toned down version of slavery. Ofc ppl arent gonna want you off their friends list! Tough after this I probs am...
    Laurens Out (sparkles1828)

  2. I did watch ur movies but my pc broke down. I'm Gettin one nex month can u plz wait until then? I don't see what harm it'll do(and I'm writing this form my iPad) and I agree with lauren.